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No-Flex Zone (Empathy Driven Development)


Overwhelmingly, empathy is a skill. We have to practice it; it’s a choice.

We need to start feeling empathy for these teams and treating their work as valid — as valid as engineering work. For instance, in the case of Sales, often they’ll have a quota they have to hit, else they literally lose their jobs. It’s an incredibly high-stakes profession. As engineers, we won’t be fired for building fewer features; in fact, we’ll probably be promoted if we manage to simplify the feature-set.

This article is extensive and thorough in covering the various methods of applying empathy for customers, coworkers, and ourselves. Bonus points for the wonderful use of gifs.

10 Aug 2015

Design Details Ep. 27 - Socialist Design


I've really been enjoying this podcast interviewing various designers about their work and insights, and this episode with Kim Bost & Cap Watkins is definitely my favorite so far. Their ideals in sharing context in the collaborative design process and applying empathy with co-workers are exactly what I'd like to see more developers embrace. That discussion begins about 30 minutes in but I encourage listening to the entire episode.

21 May 2015